What is Your Reputation?​

This week, our sermon delved into the story of Zacchaeus, a
tax collector in Jericho known for his terrible reputation and
how Jesus’ acceptance led to his transformation. Zacchaeus’
response to Jesus’ acceptance, which involved public
confession and repentance, serves as a guide for us. It invites
us to consider what changes we might need to make in our
own lives.​

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Simon Says…

Simon Says… Simon Says… This week we’re covering another vital topic in the Ministry of Jesus series dealing with Matthew the Tax Collector. We’ll touch

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How to Pray

How to Pray Devotional Most of us don’t really enjoy prayer. We feel bad or guilty about how little we pray. When we finally make

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The Most Famous Sermon

The Most Famous Sermon Devotional Contrary to popular opinion, the central message of Jesus wasn’t social justice, community, or even love. It was the kingdom

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The Faith of the Centurion

The Faith of the Centurion Devotional It’s easy to have faith in God when things are going well. What happens when life is going horribly?

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John Doubts Jesus

John Doubts Jesus Devotional In a secular society, doubt is the new normal. But doubt is nothing new; we see it in John the Baptizer,

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