Belief and Unbelief


He was frustrated with His disciples when they couldn't cast out a demon, which He empowered them to do. From this very instance comes a plethora of implications for us today. Dive into Mark 9, as we explore this key moment of time during Jesus’s ministry on earth.

14 When they came to the other disciples, they saw a large crowd around them and the teachers of the law arguing with them. 15 As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him. 16 “What are you arguing with them about?” he asked. 17 A man in the crowd answered, “Teacher, I brought you my son, who is possessed by a spirit that has robbed him of speech. 18 Whenever it seizes him, it throws him to the ground. He foams at the mouth, gnashes his teeth and becomes rigid. I asked your disciples to drive out the spirit, but they could not.” 19 “You unbelieving generation,” Jesus replied, “how long shall I stay with you? How long shall I put up with you? Bring the boy to me.” 20 So they brought him. When the spirit saw Jesus, it immediately threw the boy into a convulsion. He fell to the ground and rolled around, foaming at the mouth. 21 Jesus asked the boy’s father, “How long has he been like this?”

MARK 9:14-21


Practice The Way of Jesus:

In this passage, Jesus taught the disciples about the power of faith and prayer. Where in your life do you find yourself becoming self-reliant instead of relying on God in prayer? This week, identify that area in your life and ask God to give you the strength to overcome. Consider asking a friend to join you in some of those prayers this week.