John Doubts Jesus | Week 22

This sermon is for anyone who has ever doubted. In our current secular age, we are drifting away from faith and moving towards doubt and skepticism as forms of higher thinking. Doubt seems to be in the very air we breathe, and if you have ever doubted, you are not alone. Even John the Baptist doubted; the same man who baptized Jesus himself, the one who witnessed the moment Heaven opened and the Spirit of God descended upon Jesus like a dove, proclaiming him as His son. Yes, even John doubted. Unmet expectations–preconceived notions of who God should be and what He should do for us–cultivate doubt in our minds and hearts. Have you ever expected God to be a different God than what He is? Have you ever expected Him to do something that He never promised? Many of us fall into the trap of unmet expectations, but today, learn how to let your faith win over your doubt.