Jesus is Questioned About Fasting | Week 18

When asked why his disciples do not fast like the Pharisees and John’s disciples, Jesus answers with a question: “Can you make the friends of the bridegroom fast while he is still with them?” Jesus makes a profound illustration here; he is the bridegroom, the church is his bride. This metaphor of God being married to His people is very prevalent in the Bible, where God has united with the people in a joint covenant. Generations ago, God’s previous covenant with Israel was broken by the Israelites, but we can still learn from it today. Moses’ covenant was given to us to reveal our true need for Jesus, because the problem is not with the covenant itself but with the sinful nature of the people. A new covenant is necessary to restore our union with God. For the marriage to be successful, we–as the bride–need to become a new people. We need to shift from the old covenant to the new covenant, from an inner focus of self to an outward focus of love and compassion, and from a merit system to a rescue system of grace from God. Learn how to successfully shift from the old covenant to the new and pursue a saving relationship with God today.