Jesus Heals Man With Leprosy | Week 14

Luke 5 tells the story of a man suffering from leprosy approaching Jesus. He falls to the ground at Jesus’ feet and pleads for his healing. Jesus reaches out to touch the man, and immediately he is healed. In today’s sermon, Joe Stearns reflects on this passage and demonstrates how each of us can identify with the leper and his story. Though we may not have the physical skin lesions and sores of leprosy, we have something similar within us that is just as devastating and eternally worse: sin. Sin brings a type of death even while we’re alive, and just like leprosy, it is destructive. It strips us of our freedom, damages relationships, and even causes us to lose the possibility of eternal life. Sin infects every inch of our lives! In a world where sin is often an accepted lifestyle, it can be hard to see the problem, but we have to acknowledge the severity of our condition. We all are in need of a savior. The good news is that Jesus is the cure! If we humbly seek him, recognizing our great need for him, Jesus is willing to heal us of our sinful condition, just as he healed the man of his leprosy.