Jesus Calms The Storm | Week 30

These are the commands Jesus spoke over the raging waters of a stormy sea. Immediately, the wind and waves obeyed him. In an instant, what was once a furious squall became a scene of complete calm. In Mark 4, Jesus demonstrates to his disciples–and us–that he is more powerful than any storm that could ever come their way. Jesus is always with us. His timing is perfect; his presence is constant. But in the midst of a storm, we may start to question if Jesus is really there. In our uncertainty, we are called to have faith that trusts Jesus’ presence in our lives, even if it feels like he’s absent. Faith that trusts he is good even when life is bad; faith that trusts his plan even when we don’t understand. Trust that the God who calms the wind and the waves–the One who created the heavens and earth and everything in it–is with you from beginning to end.