But John knew his place. He understood that he was simply preparing a way for people to look to Jesus. And I realized in that moment in 2017 that leading music was my opportunity to introduce or to re-introduce people to the God that I love: the almighty God, the Creator of heaven, earth and space, the King of kings, the Lord of all, the omnipotent God.

I really want to talk about the character of God this morning because I truly believe that this is the whole reason why we worship. And so this is my whole point, my motivation, that we get to introduce others to God – the almighty God. We sing because of who God is, what He has done and what He deserves.

(Introduction, Worship Songs/Hymns)

How incredible is that! That’s the God we worship! I love these songs because they paint such a beautiful picture of God’s glory and his Majesty. And it also gives us a reason to sing! It paints a picture of what response we should have as people who see who God is.

He placed the stars in the sky and he knows the stars by their names. Our God is amazing. He’s indescribable, he can’t be compared to anyone else or anything else. If the stars were made to worship, then so will I. What a crazy picture, if the mountains bow in reverence, so will I. The fact that God’s own inanimate creation cries out to him in itself is insane. But it beckons the question: how much more should I cry out and praise Him? How much more should I lift up my worship to Him?

Our lord is excellent and He is worthy to be praised. One of my favorite things about music in general is that it helps me to remember things. I recall learning the states and capitals in seventh grade, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, Columbus is the capital of Ohio, etc., you know. Or ABCDEGHI- I think we all know that one. The Alphabet song or, for some of my millennial friends, you do a loopty loop and pull and your shoes are looking good.

What I mean to say is that music can help us to remember states, capitals or how to tie our shoes, but it can also help us to remember Scriptures and help us to remind us of who God is.

And I’d like for a moment to just take a look at some Scriptures that might remind you of a few songs that we sing here on our Sunday services. Revelation 4:8 – “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was in days and days to come”. That’s a revelation song. You guys know that one, if you know these, you can feel free to sing along: “As the deer panteth for the waters…”

(Describes several Songs/Hymns)

The Scriptures ring out in the songs that we sing here. And rightfully so. The Bible says in Colossians three (I love this command, it’s so beautiful!): “Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns and songs from the Spirit singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.”

I love that thought to let the message of Christ dwell in us richly. As mentioned before: music also helps us to know who God is. And honestly, so we’re going to continue singing some songs that talk about God’s faithfulness and His love.

Because at this moment, I really would like for the music to speak for itself. And I want to encourage you during this time to make it really personal. These songs speak to God’s faithfulness and his love, but I’d like for us all to consider: how has God been faithful to you? How has God loved you? So let’s all stand and continue to sing.

And it sort of takes these different layers and dynamics to consider how much God has done for us from the infancy stage to where we are now, that God has done so much for us that He loves us.

There’s an infinite love and care that He has. I care that’s so deep that He’s even willing to put his own son on the cross for us. His Son was perfect in every way. And He put him through it with the worst death imaginable. And so, at this time, I’d like to continue by reflecting on the life and the death of Jesus. We’re going to take the bread that symbolizes Jesus’s body. And the cup that symbolizes Jesus blood that was poured out for us.


So far in the service, we’ve talked about who God is, that he’s a Creator. He’s faithful to us. He loves us. And I really want to talk now about how God is our Guide.

(Getting sounds, tracks and electronic mixes ready)

And I know this analogy is a little silly, but in the way that we view these tracks, it’s exactly how I view God in our lives. He’s our Guide, he uses the Word and Holy Spirit to tell us where to go and what to do. He helps us to stay on track and the rhythm of life. And honestly, sometimes as we’re playing music on a Sunday, the band can sometimes go a little bit too fast.

We go a little bit too slow and we have to readjust to figure out how to get back on track. Like where are we in the song? And it’s funny because these microphone back here, none of you guys can hear that, but only the band can.

And so sometimes in moments where we’re like, we’re trying to figure it out, I’m like trying to help us to readjust, to find the click, to figure out how to get back on rhythm. And I imagine that God does the same thing with us in our lives. He assists us, He teaches us and, in our most difficult times, He gives us special help that comes directly through prayer. Like something that we feel that God is sharing with us or putting in our heart; or, if it’s an epiphany, from something we read in the Bible; it may be a friend or a family member that reveals something in our character – something in our lives that helps us to see more clearly.

All of these are specially designed by God so that He might get us back on track so that we’re synched with His purpose for our lives.

And I love the fact that we have the opportunity to have the Creator of this world as our Guide. Therefore I’d much rather follow God than follow my own self, because I’ve messed up a whole lot in my life when I tried to do things on my own. But, knowing that God is there, that He’s our Guide, He’s going to tell me where to go next. He’s going to reveal to me what I should do next. Knowing that His voice is the one that I should listen to, gives me great confidence, and I hope it gives you confidence as well. He is the God who created the stars, the God who has the mountains to bowing in reverence and praise to Himself, to Him the rocks cry out.

That this God is guiding us, He’s leading us, He wants us to follow Him. So this next set of songs that we’re going to sing are all built around that. It’s all about these different songs that they talk about God being our guide, and that it’s a necessity for us to build on his firm foundation.

(Songs of praise)

Our father is worthy of all praise and I’d like to conclude our time of singing with a song of praise. But before we do that, I’m going to take a look at the Scripture. In Psalm 95:1-7

(Above Scripture reading)

Come, let us bow down and worship. Let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker.

For He is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.

We sing because of who God is, what he’s done and what he deserves, and so I’d like to just end with some triumphant praise to our God.