Today Tony shared part 2 of this topic and asked… “Why doesn’t God do something about that?” We’ve all thought that when things were going bad.

He mentioned MOW’ED is Hebrew word for the unstoppable time of God, and if it’s not His time, you can’t force it. He further hammered his point with the story of Joseph and reminding us how truly righteous people live by faith. Joseph waited 20 years of unjustly suffering and said all of that happened… “because it was to save lives that GOD sent me ahead of you”.

The first event is what happened and it’s unstoppable, but righteousness is what I decide about how I handle and wrestle with the event. While waiting, how will we interpret the pain? I can see how God works many years later sometimes, but NOT at the time….

Back in San Diego, after a very painful break-up with my previous fiancée (most who knew her have affectionately called her “Psycho Sue”, and that story is for another day), I met Nicky while working at the Los Angeles Times. I hired her and her best friend Kerry as inside sales reps selling the newspaper. Kerry was good and Nicky was TERRIBLE at this job. They were seniors in high school and I thought Nicky was cute, so I tried to help her as much as possible, but sadly, I eventually had to get rid of her. Months later, her friend Kerry told me that Nicky sent me a message… she jokingly said she wanted to “marry me and have my children…”.  Shocking, but interested, I asked her out on a date. First, I apologized for firing her… then we went roller skating. We spent every day after that. After work I’d come to her house and an hour later she’d fall asleep in my arms watching TV on the couch, and I’d carry her to bed, tuck her in, and go home. After her prom (yes, I went to her prom) and she graduated, we got married when she turned 19, and moved in together and were very happy. After a few years and our first child Cody was born, the LA Times was starting to go through a rough financial time and offered “early retirement” to their management team. We reluctantly decided to move to Florida and restart our lives. It’s there that we bought our first home in Miami Lakes and she met Pilar Almaguer, who didn’t speak English but made us a flan. Long story short… Nicky became a Christian, which lead to me becoming one. 
     So now, years later,  I might be able to connect the dots… A bad break-up can lead to a 30 year marriage. Getting laid off can turn into a great new job, making even more money. A reluctant relocation can turn into becoming a Christian and eternal salvation. Some would say it’s all coincidence. I won’t…
     Have a great week !