Scripture References:

Acts 17:24-27

Colossians 1:3-6a

Colossians 3:1-2

Romans 1:20

Exodus 33:20

Ephesians 4:10

John 4:24

Faith & Science

You’ve probably heard, been told, or believe that faith and science cannot coexist— that you can either believe in God or believe in science, but never both at the same time. You may have even spent time compartmentalizing and separating your faith from what’s proven to be logical…

But what if we told you that faith and science actually work together to point to the existence of God?

According to the Bible, the study of our universe (also known as science) should point us to the existence of God! (Romans 1:20) To begin our new series, “God and the Spiritual World”, let’s hash out a few FAQs that you may have about who God is and why the spiritual world is so important.


Q: What is the “spiritual world”?

The spiritual world is an invisible universe that is intertwined with our physical universe— the home of God, Satan, angels, demons, and the souls of people who are no longer living. It’s in step with us and is involved in what we do.

Someday, every one of us will live in this spiritual world.

Q: There are tons of cultures, languages, religions, and faiths. Why is the world looking for a God?

Because God made them to look for him! He has hard-wired us to look for him and to attempt to have a relationship with him. (Acts 17:24-27)

Q: If God is invisible, does He exist?

What does God, magnetism, and gravity all have in common? They are all invisible! Yet, we doubt one and believe in the remaining two.

You can’t see gravity and magnetism. You can’t taste them, touch them, or hear them. But we can see their impact on the Universe. It’s the same with God. You cannot see him, but we can see His impact on the Universe.


Q: Why would God be invisible?

  1. It’s normal for a Creator to exist outside of their creation.
  2. If God were invisible, people would not be free to choose Him; they would be forced to obey Him.
  3. God’s power and holiness would be overwhelming for us. (Exodus 33:20)
  4. He cannot fit into the physical universe. He is spirit! (Ephesians 4:10) (John 4:24)

Q: Can an educated, intelligent person in the 21st century believe in God and a spiritual world?

There are two main factors that can strengthen an intelligent person’s faith and help them make the reality of the spiritual world even more real to them: 1. Evidence of design points to a Creator (DNA & Body systems). 2. Evolution & the existence of God (microevolution vs. macroevolution) (Full sermon at the link below!)

Q: What about evolution?

Evolution doesn’t show that there’s no God; it shows the need for a God.

Q: Why is the “spiritual world” so important to Christians?

Regardless of your faith, ‘hope’ is what our dreams and goals are built on.

As Christians, our faith and our love is strengthened by and spring from our hope, which is to be reunited with God in the spiritual world. Colossians 3 tells us to set our minds on things above. God is calling us to be thinking about him and eternity!

Will you allow God and the spiritual world be real to you?

Thoughts to Consider:

All over the world, in many ways, in difference cultures and in different languages, people are looking to connect to their Creator and the spiritual world.

We were falsely taught to choose between having faith and believing in science. If we study the natural world or science, it will point us towards God. Don’t be afraid of science! Embrace it! It’s on our side & it’s our friend.

Putting your hope in the future life makes you better in this life! Our faith, as Christians, strengthens us for this life as we prepare for the next life.

If you really believe in eternal life, it will make you eager to have a deep relationship with God and urgent in your evangelism.