John Brush spoke today about the holy spirit with over 250 biblical references. We live in a culture that glorifies someone with talents and gifts. As disciples though, this is not our PURPOSE. The world is a sick and frustrating place. Where do we turn? Social media? Politics? Hobbies? Addictions? God and Jesus instructs us there is only one place to turn.

Where is God’s spirit moving you?

Gal 5:16 instructs us to “walk by the spirit and you will not gratify the pleasures of the flesh…” This is the battle that we face daily. Today I’m in Tampa and watching the service remotely because I received a job offer Friday evening to join a company headquartered here. It didn’t start yet, but it was a pre-visit. This has been one of the most challenging job searches ever. I turned down jobs in Sarasota and Orlando to become a VP at a small Ricoh dealer, which was a disaster as they renegotiated the financial contract just 2 months into the tenure. I resigned and started at another dealer, but that only lasted about 8 weeks after another experience suggesting I was being overpaid. I received ANOTHER offer to join ANOTHER dealer last week, which I will resign from today. In the meantime, I’ve tried getting OUT of the copier world since last year. You’d think that would be easy. NOPE… I have applied to over 200 jobs, have countless emails and rejections during that time including Ultimate Software, HP., and also several copier companies. I spent $700 to redo my resume and Linked-In profile. Hundreds of hours later, I finally am getting out… NEOPOST is a hardware and software mailing company, competing with Pitney Bowes, and I’ll be responsible for the healthcare, insurance, and commercial print industries in the state of Florida. Eventually we will need to move to Tampa, but for now they’re being patient on a relocation. I have repeatedly asked God that HIS will be done. At times this process has been challenging to trust. We’ve gone through our entire savings and have a credit card balance for the first time in many years. We are relying on God’s grace and mercy to restore our finances, but more importantly to use this experience to help others and be true examples of Jesus. Wherever that journey leads us, may God use us powerfully.

Holy Spirit at Work

It’s funny where God takes us sometimes. I worked at the Los Angeles Times for 10 years and thought it would be the last place of employment of my career. Then financial difficulties hits the company and they were looking for employees to accept “early retirement”. Within a month, we relocated to Florida and I was in a new career. We moved next door to someone that invited my wife to church. Coincidence? Not likely… 
     Let’s make every effort to live by God’s spirit and his will this week and see where the journey takes you. Thank you for the new job and may it be what YOU selected for me and our family.