Despite | Joe Stearns | Sermon on Samuel

Today we begin to talk about Samuel. You you may not have heard of Samuel or you may not be familiar with his story, many people, when they start reading the Bible cover to cover, they quit early on. I've done that myself. I've had times where I started in Genesis and I start reading [...]

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Into the Hall of Fame

We are in the middle of a series called "The World was Not Worthy of Them." And it's based on a wonderful, powerful passage of scripture out of Hebrews Chapter 11 that it's often called by Bible scholars the Hall of Fame of Faith, or sometimes people will shorten it to the Hall of Faith. [...]

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My Father’s Way

Good morning. My name is Joe Stearnes and I serve as one of the elders and one of the ministers on the Broward Church staff. Happy Father's Day! We wanted to take some time to honor the fathers out there, the dads out there who are raising their children, who are loving them and guiding [...]

2020-06-25T09:56:19-04:00June 22nd, 2020|Comments Off on My Father’s Way
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