We had our annual community garage sale this weekend. Usually I would be the one treasure hunting and getting up early and going to as many as possible. I’d look for fishing items, sports memorabilia, or just something old and unusual. I’ve found art signed by Peter Max and Brito for less than $5. I’ve found rare autographs, taxidermy, and antiques. I look for toys for my grandson and other goodies for my wife or kids. Friends have asked me to look for certain items, like when Harmoni asked for cast iron cookware. Rare to find at yard sales, but I found 2 pans for her.

My earliest memories of garage sales were when I was a young teenager. I was the kid that had the embarrassing “Toughskin” jeans from Sears. All my friends were all wearing Levi’s.  It would takes weeks and many washings to get these knockoffs broken in so that they weren’t stiff. I also had the fake Converse sneakers. I guess whatever was cheapest for my mother to buy, though we weren’t poor.  As I reached teenage years, I was teased for these things and I wanted to fit in more. Anyway, my mother and I were at a yard sale and I found some Levi’s just my size and I convinced her I needed them. It may be the best treasure I ever found. This year however, it was our turn to purge the house of unneeded “treasures”. My income going from one job to another, and Nicky home-schooling Jake full-time has caused our finances to significantly decrease, so the money collected this year will all go to our special mission offering. As anyone who’s done this before, it takes a lot of planning and hard work to do this. I am VERY sore, but we had a goal of cleaning out enough of the garage, that IF we wanted to get a vehicle in it, it would be possible, AND have the money for the special missions offering. We gave a bunch of things to Goodwill and some other things to my kids for their homes. It was discouraging early on, but by the end, it looks like we successfully accomplished our goals. 

Tony had a sermon today that had a similar theme. We often get discouraged or disappointed with our circumstances. Many times we blame God for those events. Tony cited many Bible references of men having difficult momentary situations, yet they pressed on to achieve a future goal. We have all had financial, relationship, and health obstacles at times in our lives. Some quit early and don’t get the satisfaction of seeing the victories of these battles. Those that pressed on, though sore and  battle-scarred, felt the favor of God. Many times God’s people would be suffering oppression and crying out, and after much time had passed, the Bible says… “He remembered them…” 

This week, when life gets challenging, press on and focus on the goal of God’s favor. In his time, God will remember you too. Have a great week !