living richly

 We are 7 days away from our 2019 Special Missions offering and most of this past month we’ve been learning about how truly RICH we are.

Today we were reminded how AWARE we needed to be, of our appetite for worldly things vs Godly things. Paul wrote many of his letters about FREEDOM in chains and in prison, and shared his “secret of contentment” in Phil 4:11-12. I’ve frequently heard that MONEY is the root of all evil, however the scripture actually says “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil”.

Tony’s sharing of Maslow’s writing… “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of themselves”. Saying NO to ourselves is difficult even when it’s with BEST intentions (Romans 7:18). So, Godly awareness can quell discontent.     

This is my 25th year of a Special Missions offering. It’s never easy. Some years have been VERY challenging, however a few years ago I had my best financial year of my career, and we successfully got out of debt for the first time ever.

It was time to replace my vehicle and I decided that a BMW was an appropriate automobile in my sales career, as I drive regularly all over South Florida meeting clients (and I could finally afford one if my income didn’t change). My wife was insistent against that idea. She just had a conviction that a luxury vehicle like this sent the wrong message about our focus. Let’s just say I wasn’t 100% on board, but “happy wife, happier life”… On a side note, we don’t think poorly of those that own luxury items, but it just wasn’t the right choice for us.  I bought a pre-owned Toyota Rav4.  A few weeks later, an unknown person keyed my Toyota and all I could think about was that if that was the BMW, I would’ve lost my mind. My income also changed dramatically shortly thereafter.

Whether it’s a spouse or an evangelist or a friend or the Bible, God is asking us to be content and aware of our appetite and to trust him in all circumstances.

I’m sure almost all of us have similar stories of how difficult it can be to say NO to our desires. Being generous and giving come in many forms, whether it’s financial or with time or with serving others. At this time, we’re reminded that God has blessed us more than we can hope or imagine. Deut 16:17 says each of is to bring a gift in PROPORTION to the way the Lord has blessed us. If we are aware of this next Sunday, God will be pleased with our sacrifice.   

Have a GREAT week !