Here we are again…  Another week of social distancing and staying home. I’ve never been this sedementary and isolated from live people in my life for this long. I did get Mononucleosis once in the summer of 10th grade somehow. I vaguely remember having to stop playing all sports for a while, as one of your organs (don’t ask me which one) is enlarged and vulnerable during this illness. I was tired alot, which I think is common. Doctor’s orders…NO KISSING !   I don’t think I obeyed that rule. Outside of mowing a lawn or shoveling snow from a neighbor’s driveway, this was the year of my first regular paying job. I was hired to be a summer camp counselor for like $100 per week, which seemed like a fortune in 1977. Playing sports and finding activities for a bunch of 4th and 5th graders was fun when I was participating, but not so much when you have Mono on the sidelines. At least I was outside and seeing other people though. This Covid-19 experience is entirely different, and I’d bet never to be duplicated for most of us again. The good news is 30 years later we have technology that helps us to communicate more effectively than the rotary phone in my old bedroom, thank God.

     Mike D shared our message today and asked this question… During this unprecedented time of pressure, can God still use us? Pressures from finances, health concerns, and relationships are pressing at us on all sides. Mike noted that God doesn’t call the qualified, but qualifies the called. In Exodus 4. Moses has run away from Egypt and has questioned God’s calling. Moses only has a staff in his hands, and God uses that stick to make special miracles happen. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that what we already have is enough for God. We’re a bunch of imperfect individuals to be used by a perfect creator. Even after Moses complains to God that he is a poor speaker and wants him to choose another, God asks him “Who created your mouth?”. God is not limited by speech impediments or lack of talent or current limitations. Moses still asks God to send someone else, and God provided a helper in his brother. If we’re going to accomplish and conquer unprecedented pressures, we need the support of one another in our lives to encourage, spur, and help each other.

In spite of these challenging times, let God use you with what you have. Have a great week !