Drawn Out

These last couple of weeks have been a bit unsettling. It's times like these that really test your faith. The only events I can compare it to are 9/11 and an impending Cat5 hurricane forecast. I've seen desparate people do crazy things, and that scares me. There's no shortage of news or opinions from everyone. [...]

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What Lies Ahead is Better

 It's been an interesting week... I don't have much experience with infectious diseases, but it does feel like the fear does not equal the panic. Though I'm a big believer in "better safe than sorry", some of what I've witnessed seems like people are going insane, and it appears that those that are the least [...]

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The God of Israel Is Our God Too

As we begin a new series on Exodus, I'm reminded of my Hebrew heritage. Oddly, I wasn't even aware of the Israelite ancestry for the 1st decade of my life. When it was commanded by my grandparents that I must have a Bar Mitzvah, everything changed. All of a sudden, I was quite different from [...]

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Walk 4KIDS Sunday

This week we only have 1 service at 9am because this is our annual Walk 4KIDS event. The 3 mile course meanders through the Davie neighborhood around the Broward Church, ending in a potluck picnic. The Walk benefits the 4KIDS local charity that supports the initiative to find forever homes for foster children in the [...]

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We Need One Another

When I lived in San Diego and started my fashion magazine, we needed a lot of help with the project. A few of my partner Ray's friends from NJ came out to assist us for a couple of months and we met a talented young man named Carlos Ramos in our travels. Carlos, a musician [...]

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ALMOST: The Final Chapter

I've previously shared about a on again, off again 6 year relationship I had when I was a teenager in New Jersey. I met Lisa at a private beach that both of our families attended. We were both very young but it seemed like love at first sight. I carved our names into a picnic [...]

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Press On

We had our annual community garage sale this weekend. Usually I would be the one treasure hunting and getting up early and going to as many as possible. I'd look for fishing items, sports memorabilia, or just something old and unusual. I've found art signed by Peter Max and Brito for less than $5. I've [...]

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Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Today is SUPER BOWL Sunday, which started in 1967 when I was 5 years old. I don't remember much about the first 15 or so because I wanted to play more than watch. Some stand out. I do remember living in the NY/NJ area and it being a very big deal that Joe Namath guaranteed [...]

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This week we had one of the coldest nights I can remember. It is such a pleasure sometimes to get some different weather as 85 during the day and 75 at night can be monotonous for most. I think the wind chill may have been in the 20s. I've always enjoyed Florida, though I didn't [...]

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New Years

There are just over 24 hours left in this decade and most are looking forward to a bright 2020. Looking back, I remember the year 1977. I was an awkward freshman in high school. My room was decorated in mostly whatever my Uncle Steve didn't want in his home, which I was happy with. I [...]

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