Bonded / Covenant

The 3rd part of my Best Friends series concludes with a story about a friendship that developed in the church. I've had many great relationships in the church since I was baptized in 1994. Javier Amaya, Jack McGee, Flavio Uribe, Anthony Battle, Steve Bowen, Andrew Giambarba, Phillip Jackson, Russ Ward, Angelo Cruz, Wysmar Clealand, Ralph [...]

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Bonded Pt 2

Bonding with other males has been difficult for me. From painful childhood memories of my biological and step-father coupled with several failed best friendships.      I wrote last week about a painful teenage experience about my best friend at the time, Phil. Today I'll be writing about my 2nd best friend, Ray. He and I [...]

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Bonded / Unbroken Trusts

Male friends were always problematic for me.  As I've grown up, I've had a few best friends. It feels like all of those friendships have ended badly. I'll share about 1 of them today from my past. In High School, I became best friends with Phil Fasano. He was my mentor and everything I wished [...]

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Fall Traditions

So the tradition of celebrating Halloween is in a couple of weeks and it's one of favorite holidays.  Growing up in Northern NJ, the weather would be cool and the autumn season would be in full swing. The crisp breezes would cause the changing leaves to pile along the ground and large black hefty bags [...]

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Start and End Strong

During our service today Chris Jackson, who recently relocated himself and his family from Cincinnati, lead our communion thoughts. Sports, gaming, and women kept him from being close to God until he met a group playing basketball, who invited him to play, but more importantly, study the Bible.   Tony concluded the "This series could change [...]

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Last week I traveled to Milford, Connecticut for work training at the Neopost USA corporate headquarters. New England in Autumn has such refreshing weather, with the leaves changing to Fall colors. Friday when I woke up it was a brisk 52 degrees. It's one of the many things I miss about the Northeast. The weather [...]

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Changing Sin for Good

Most of the blogs I've written in the last few months are about true painful and embarrassing experiences growing up. I'll change it up this week and write about a more encouraging time. It's much harder to remember these though. Sports I do recall Monday nights were reserved for Monday Night Football. If you're around [...]

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Angry and Bitter

I believe most of us can think of reasons to be angry and bitter from events from their childhood. Josh's parents divorced as a pre-teen and he blamed his mother. The anger turned to violence and threats. When you say to someone "I hate you", you've reached rock bottom. Eph 2:1-5 says you are dead [...]

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Made for More

Last week we were all dealing with a potential natural disaster here so there was no blog. My apologies...   During our offering today, we were reminded of the incredible devastation in the Bahamas and the Abaco islands from hurricane Dorian. Many lost lives and many more lost everything they had. Thankfully all from our [...]

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Holy Spirit part II

Tony opened the service sharing about new baby Ezra and how his baby and toddler require different foods vs adult foods they enjoy. Spiritual milk for new Christians, maybe some strained peas or mac & cheese for young Christians, and perhaps pizza and chicken wings for those more mature.  Al shared in his communion message [...]

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