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Holy Spirit part II

Tony opened the service sharing about new baby Ezra and how his baby and toddler require different foods vs adult foods they enjoy. Spiritual milk for new Christians, maybe some strained peas or mac & cheese for young Christians, and perhaps pizza and chicken wings for those more mature.  Al shared in his communion message [...]

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The Holy Spirit

John Brush spoke today about the holy spirit with over 250 biblical references. We live in a culture that glorifies someone with talents and gifts. As disciples though, this is not our PURPOSE. The world is a sick and frustrating place. Where do we turn? Social media? Politics? Hobbies? Addictions? God and Jesus instructs us there is [...]

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A moment can change EVERYTHING

So Tony ended our HOPE when it's HARD series and started today with... The worst enemy of your freedom is YOU. How often do I say "What was I thinking?".  How do I say NO to the emotions that compete for control of my life? Say to yourself, when those bad emotions come up "You're [...]

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Hope when it’s Hard: Final Chapter

Tony shared today that Habakuk 3 was written to be a song of prayer and instructed that it was to be sung, from chapter 3, with all their hearts, with wild passion and high spirited praise in spite of their trials and suffering at the time. Habakkuk inspires us to remember the faithfulness of God, [...]

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Hope When It’s Hard

 Dave Hsu discussed during his communion message about a dark time in his life when things were tough and he lost his relationship with God. He eluded to a recent similar message, where Chase Denieux shared how things dramatically changed in just 1 week for him. Dave was angry with God and it took far [...]

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Why doesn’t God do something about that?

Today Tony shared part 2 of this topic and asked... "Why doesn't God do something about that?" We've all thought that when things were going bad. He mentioned MOW'ED is Hebrew word for the unstoppable time of God, and if it's not His time, you can't force it. He further hammered his point with the story [...]

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Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Team USA won the women's World Cup today. Congrats to them !  Watching important soccer matches the 1 or 2 times per year reminds me of my soccer experiences growing up. Mostly, they were good memories. Being on a varsity sports team, traveling to different high schools around NJ and bonding with teammates is a [...]

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Today's theme was "BUILD"... first Chris Barrow shared about his 23 years ending in South Florida and going to build a new life in Gainesville with his growing extended family and newly arriving first grandchild.      This reminded me of my youth, growing up in Fairlawn, NJ. We lived in a huge collection of garden [...]

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Everything Exactly

Monte Strickland shared today from Acts 17:24-28 that God sets up EVERYTHING EXACTLY so people have an opportunity to connect with God, and also in Ecc 3:9-14  that the gift God has given to us, is to eat, drink, work, and fulfill ourselves in life. However, if we don't fear God, he can make this [...]

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Father’s Day

Today is Father's Day and, to most, it is a joyous holiday. We honor our dads, and for those that are dads, we get to feel especially appreciated. To some it's more painful. We know those that have lost their dad, and this day is a aching reminder that he is no longer here. Others [...]

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