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Almost Is Not An Option…

As I've shared previously, high school wasn't my favorite place growing up. Up until that point most of us enjoyed the same things living in Northern N.J.   When they wanted to start staying out later, I did it. I adopted everyone's music and went where they wanted to go. When they wanted to join [...]

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$1 and a Dream

When you're 14 years old, you just do some things that if you thought reasonably about, you'd probably not do it.  I was remembering an event about 44 years ago today, my friend Tim Snover and I decided to rides our bikes to his grandmother's farm to go wild rainbow trout fishing. It was cold [...]

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Have a Goal and Take Some Risks in 2020!

This is the first church service of 2020. Monte shared his thoughts on communion and mentioned his failed goals from 2019 and how it was his intention to fulfill these this year. He reminded us that Jesus did finish his goal and it's because of this, we have the opportunity to finish ours as well, [...]

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Merry Christmas!

Last week my family and I went on a cruise for my wife's 50th birthday plus my son turned 22 the same day and my wife's grandmother turned 95 last week. My apologies as I missed my blog. Anyway, it was a festive time and quite chaotic. 25 family and friends from all over the [...]

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Sacred Things part 2

Tony shared that he researched common concerns from people choosing not to go to church, and they are below... The church is...   Always asking for moneyPlays terrible music Too loudToo longToo hot/cold Has terrible preaching Too farHas too many things on the calendar Many years ago, before I ever came to church, I would've said similar [...]

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Being Thankful

Today is our once-a-year Thanksgiving church service where all the churches from Southern Florida join together for a family reunion to worship God. It reminds me of a time growing up when all my extended families in the NY-NJ area would do the same, except God wasn't much a part of it. I am grateful [...]

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Bonded Part 4

This BONDED series has given me the opportunity to write about some experiences regarding relationships over my life. I've shared over the last several weeks about best friends I've had previously and the painful ways those friendships ended. I had another best friend about 20 years ago named Angelo Cruz. We bonded as soon as [...]

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Bonded / Covenant

The 3rd part of my Best Friends series concludes with a story about a friendship that developed in the church. I've had many great relationships in the church since I was baptized in 1994. Javier Amaya, Jack McGee, Flavio Uribe, Anthony Battle, Steve Bowen, Andrew Giambarba, Phillip Jackson, Russ Ward, Angelo Cruz, Wysmar Clealand, Ralph [...]

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A Bonded Covenant

Even though the males are with me at the annual Men's Retreat camping trip at Lake Placid and the women are having their own service in Davie, I'll still write a story this week and share about this experience.  For the first 30 years of my life, I camped twice. Once was as a boy [...]

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